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I have just posted a video on my YouTube channel which is a 'What's in my bag?' video where you can see what my bag looks like in more detail so here is the link to that. I also wanted to do a blog post to tell those who are interested my experience of buying a Kate Spade bag. 

I bought my bag whilst in Florida and deliberating for ages which one I should get because I was a bit unsure about size and colour. I eventually made my mind up and bought the Cameron Street Candace Satchel in black and the link is here if you would like to go and check it out.

I know this is an expensive bag, but I was lucky to buy it in an Outlet Mall so I didn't buy it for full price. I have never wanted to splash out on a bag before and have bought bags from places such as Zara. This is a great short term buy but after a lot of use I found the handles coming unattached and I knew I needed a new bag. I went for the classic black colour because it goes with everything (and who doesn't love black, right?!).

So far I have found it a really good size to take around. It's not huge and yet it fits everything I need in on a day out. I find the pocket inside the bag perfect for keeping my mirror, lip sticks, a train ticket etc. and the popper side pocket in a great place for keeping a notebook. Something else I love about the inside is that the lining is bright pink - a dream!

Having the option of the longer strap is also great for me because recently that is what I prefer, rather than the short handles. The bag has metal studs underneath so that when you put it on the ground the leather doesn't touch the ground which helps to keep it nice and clean, and finally, I love how structured it is. The sides don't flop if the bag isn't full like previous bags I have owned which is fab!

I am so pleased with the quality of my bag and am obsessed with how it looks, so I would give Kate Spade a 5 star review!

I hope this has helped!



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