Why I go abroad to study languages

Hi chums!

I feel like this post is long overdue because now I have been to three language schools, twice to one in Salamanca and once to one in Berlin. 

I know a lot of people wonder about language schools and if they're worth it in terms of price and experience so hopefully I can give you a bit of an insight!

So I know one of the things that's quite difficult when picking a language course is the location. I actually chose Salamanca because I was recommended it by my Spanish teacher, but in terms on my language school in Germany, I chose it based on where I wanted to spend time.

Although you have lessons, depending on how intense your course is, you generally have quite a bit of free time. Normally the schools put on activities, but other than that you are left to your own devices so I would advise picking a places which you are genuinely interested in and want to explore.

The types of activities depend on which country you go. In Spain they offers things such as Spanish cooking classes, excursions and salsa classes; in Germany they did something called Stammtisch which is like a meet up with everyone at the school.

So two questions a lot of people wonder are how long you should go for and also what the lessons are like. 

In terms of how long you should go for, it's completely up to you as it depends on what your end goal is. Almost all my language teachers have told me fluency requires around 6 months of full immersion in the country, but around 3 months is where you feel more comfortable. 

That is a long time and could be very expensive. When I have gone I've only gone for a week or two but I've found that has been a good length of time but maybe when I go to uni I will aim to spend longer lengths of time in the country.

I know something I was worried about was about staying with a family. This is optional but I would really recommend if you want to improve quickly. I'm not going to lie it can get very awkward when you don't understand but on the bright side even if you almost die of embarrassment, a tragically embarrassing story can be very funny to tell everyone when you get home!

When I'm abroad I like to try and made the most of my time and go exploring the city and naturally taking lots of photos! Other sorts of things which I did in my free time in Salamanca was go to the cinema to see a Spanish film, go up the cathedral and spend a looooot of time in the Plaza Mayor.

And obviously you have to make the most of all the food mmmmm!

So in general do I think language courses are worth it? In my opinion if you are planning to study languages at uni or try and get fluent in the future then I would say it's only an investment of your time and money (although I know it's easy for me to say because my parents are paying for it!)

I think if you are still studying at school it's not a necessity but is definitely worth the experience. For me personally it wasn't just improving my language but also trying to feel a bit more comfortable speaking and I like to think that I have made some progress!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know if you have had good/bad experiences abroad or with languages! Please leave a comment down below to let me know!


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