5 Instagram accounts you should be following

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Like pretty much everyone in this world I love Instagram. There's nothing better than having a super lazy morning and just spending your time flicking through Instagram. I admit it can be a bit distracting at times and does not help at all on the procrastination front, but let's be real, it's fab!

Today I wanted to share with you 5 of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. I am really obsessed with all 5 of these accounts for different reasons so I hope you'll like them too!

1. The first one is an account called prettylittletrips and they repost pretty pictures that people have taken whilst travelling the world. They post such a variety of pictures from all different countries, yet they all have this really delicate and beautiful vibe, which is why I could look at their Instagram all day!

2. This next Instagram account is called ohhcouture and it is created by Leonie Hanne who is the blogger behind Ohh Couture. Her Instagram posts are just on another level amazing. The way the photos are taken and the way she edits them is so beautiful, which is why she is in my top 5.

3. Weekdaysofmylife is an Instagram account by Janna, who lives in Hamburg. She is also really active on Snapchat and started a YouTube channel not too long ago. Her posts are many her outfits or my room which is the room of my dreams - it's so pretty!

4. Rachelryle is the most amazing illustrator and animator. I love the pictures she does, like the one above, where she draws a places that she travels too. I also love her animations that she does. I can't get over how long it must take her to do them but they always turn out amazing so it's definitely worth it!

5. My final must-follow Instagram account is one which I have spoken about before in my Summer through Polaroids post (if you want to check that out then just click here). The account is instant.pix and it is run by Kate who also features on the blog Opinion 9, so if you want to find out more about her instant photography then that's the place to visit. Definitely go and check her account out because it's so fab and she deserves way more followers!

Let me know which your favourite Instagram accounts are in the comments below.

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8 Reasons to LOVE Autumn

Hi chums!

Like a lot of people (and bloggers!) out there I am a HUGE fan of Autumn/Fall. The autumnal colours of orange and burgundy just make me feel so happy and getting the chance to start whipping out those big cosy jumpers that haven't been worn since summer is so exciting!

I basically wanted to do an Autumn appreciation post (if that makes sense) about all the things which make Autumn the best few months before the big lead up to the best time ever.... Christmas!! (obvs!)

1. Trees changing and Autumn walks

I actually really enjoy going on walks. I just like an excuse to get outside because being inside all day in the winter can drive me insane! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a major nature gal, but there's something so autumny and cute about going on a walk and taking photos of the pretty leaves changing colour!

2. Dark Lipstick

Oh. My. Goodness. Dark lipstick everybody!! Isn't it the best thing ever! It just gives you that extra sass and you feel the tiniest bit like Kylie Jenner! I looove dark lipstick but it would be weird to whip it out in Spring so that means I need to make the most of Autumn (and Winter). I'm not going to lie, the upkeep is a commitment, but I'm ok with that because it's so worth it!

3. The best of TV

Let's take a moment to appreciate autumn TV. Bake Off (although it's just finished and I'm still heartbroken), the Apprentice, the Missing, Strictly, the X Factor and of course my all year faves of Holby City and Casualty (lo1!)

4. Cosy Clothes

I know I mentioned this further up but warm, fluffy, cosy jumped and trackies on lazy days - is there anything better?! Also fluffy socks and slippers are my jam. I'm the sort of person that hates to be cold so curling up of the sofa with a blanket in front of the fire is something that makes Autumn super special for me.

5. Fires

As soon as it gets a tiny bit cold I am all about the fireplace (even though it does tend to make me a bit sleepy!) It marks the start of the cold season for me and I love coming into the house after being absolutely freezing and sitting in front of the fire.

6. Halloween and Bonfire Night

I love any excuse to celebrate and Halloween and Bonfire Night are just that! This year I really enjoyed doing crazy Halloween make up, using the black eyeshadow colour in my palette that I never normally touch! For Bonfire Night I headed to Harrogate with my sister and friends and we really enjoyed watching the fireworks before heading to Carluccio's for dinner. These celebrations are such traditions and then afterwards you know it's almost Chriiiistmas!!

7. Hot Water Bottles

Having a super warm hot water bottle warming up your feet as you fall asleep is the best! 'nough said.

8. Autumn/Fall food - Shephard's Pie, Soup

Foodies will get me with this one. Shephard's Pie, Apple Crumble (or your crumble of choice), Roast dinners - need I go on...? And the best part is that you can cover up your post-dinner food baby with your massively oversized jumper (life hack right there).

These are just a few things I love about Autumn. I would love to know what you love about Autumn so please leave a comment down below.

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3 of my Favourite Lipsticks for Fall

Hi chums!

I think we all know that Autumn/Fall is the perfect time to whip out that super dark lipstick that you're a little scared to wear.

Recently the whole 90s lipstick trend has really taken off and I have to say that I'm 100% on board. A few years ago I would never have imagined that I'd want/buy dark lipstick but now I'm looking for any occassion when I can!

I've chosen 3 of my favourite dark Fall lipsticks to share with you today because I like them all for different reasons.

Maybelline Divine Wine

This way my first ever dark lipstick that I bought and it did not disappoint! I bought a lip pencil to go with this because, especially with such a dark colour, I feel like you really need to get it right because it's so obvious if something looks a bit messy! This lipstick is easy to apply and has a slightly matte finish, yet it doesn't dry out your lips. The staying power is reasonably good but I would still keep it to hand in the day in case you need a quick top off!

Rimmel Kate Moss 11

This lipstick is still a dark colour, however it's a bit more of a redder shade. The staying power isn't the best, so definitely keep this one in your bag to top up throughout the day! For the price though, I think this lipstick has a lovely colour, it's very moisturising and I've really enjoyed wearing it a lot already this autumn/fall.

Kylie Lip Kit - Leo 

If you're looking for staying power and a matte lip, then this is 100% the way to go. I find that I rarely need to top Kylie Lip Kits up in the day. My only warning would be that if you have really dry lips then maybe this isn't the one to go for, but otherwise I would definitely recommend! Obviously with shipping Kylie Lip Kit's can be more expensive, but if you watch out for when we advertises a free shipping day then the price really doesn't seem too bad.

To help show the colours better, I swatched them on my arm, so starting from the top it's: Kylie Lip Kit in Leo, Maybelline Divine Wine and finally Rimmel Kate Moss 11.

If you would like to see the video I put up on my YouTube channel of my wearing these lipstick then here is the link: https://youtu.be/h9Ev50m_-Ak

Thanks for reading!


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