Why I love going outside!

Hi chums!

When I was younger I never understood that people actually wanted to go outside purely for 'fresh air'. I would prefer to play on my Gameboy or Nintendo DS (major throwback) and if for any reason I was dragged on a walk I wouldn't be the happiest bunny! 

However, now I absolutely love any reason to go outside! Most of my family or friends might be surprised by this because I did Duke of Edinburgh and let's just say that me and camping are definitely not a match made in heaven! Camping is not my thing in the slightest, but going on a walk for an hour or two is something I really love (although I wouldn't exactly say I'm Bear Grylls or anything!).

So anyone who has got this far down in my post (thanks chum, power through!) and is thinking - Emma, why did you change your mind? Well, ok I'll tell you... :)

I think my number one reason is my love of photography. Years ago the thought of going a walk to just go on a walk and grab that ever-sought-for 'fresh air' was not on my top ten list of things to do because that's all it was. Walking. Not to mention that this one activity lacked my Gameboy like I already said.

But now it's all changed...

Photography has become a hobby and (not gonna lie) a bit of an obsession. Now a walk for me goes like this: walk two steps, take photo, get out phone because it has definite Instagram possibilities and I need it as a square photo, walk ten steps, nope, go back 4 steps, yes that piece of wood looks great, take picture, move on, ooo that would make a nice snapchat, go back and take snapchat, and so on.

So some might say - Emma, seriously put down the phone and just enjoy the fresh air. But for me that is my way of enjoying it. Wherever I am I love looking for different shots. I find that I actually look more at what's around me and take it in all the more than I would if I was just walking.

My second reason is the seasons. If I ask most of my friends what part of the year is their favourite they would most likely say summer or Christmas. I have to agree that Christmas is the best time of the year but in terms of seasons I love them all! Yes, ladies and gents, I'm admitting that even rain is something I like. That is, if I'm in car playing some classic tunes or if I'm all cosy inside watching the raindrops slide down the window. 

There's something so pretty about all seasons and this year especially I have really noticed the seasons changing. From the leaves turning from green to orange, from orange to brown and finally falling off the trees. Now it is so frosty most mornings and it looks so beautiful because everything glitters.

My last reason for loving walks is that I feel like I think better outside. If I'm feeling overwhelmed with work or life then being stuck inside just makes me feel more overwhelmed. When I go outside I feel like I can think more clearly and this is super helpful.

So basically I just love going outside because it makes me feel happier! One of my aims for this year (that I just decided on now) is to go for more walks because it's healthy and happy!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Love as always


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